reverse falling bar graphite

acrobatically,  main in a stream or pulse in the rush
bombs,  in back of unreality,  true true  a phantom leg  oh
curlicues are nips fella
diesel fuels the day,  manic stock
events manage to launch quotes in acid
fall flow fly flum   at noon, blood of none, or
gaping holes in a fabric of sliced lime
hand to hand ringing combat flaws nick future remembering
internation errata slip, lash city morning thru fog
just in the middle,  calculate gruff melting or
kiss all the potential worlds buried everywhere for me
liking gets linked by love to shove lacking loathing
maybe tinkering snowing in electrons
now couched in pain panic byte rate
omni tied w a book worm slice authority glance?  maybe
plaintiff admits: it’s just a plain tiff
questionable & un, so complain that board down
resting at brass tacks: nailed, mailed,
simple-blinded, slap-sized or hand-grafted
to saw unseen bledwood flat & fine;
uglification is pretty much the half of it:
vision sideswipes creepy alpha B seen didn’t pan (opti-con) out—
waving the flag of torn sword
X on the bottle indicatin’ drunk w. hire-numb:
yippee! we got dreams forgotten like the wavering blue, the blinking screen:
zapped: rebooting

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