breathing exercise with purple tinges

epistemic slithering!  heckler?  heck, silence w explanations!  incinerating continuity and opportunity, leading to enhanced disbelief
the guitar pick sparkles green & gold fragmenting in a mind  seemed sun drought in the low eyes below whispers indigence in the geek height call planning please don’t be right back          cinders like flying thru vertical non agree fame system trounce slang form-trooper scolding         peroxide forward new damn cracking in the breath stop unearth slick spin rationale hating foment in a closed room hacking process          grapple as crowded with amplified gimme no static urb toned down when belief in together a mind’s tweezers gall to four on the floor link with grit Samson architectonic water igloos please lobbed a now a warming to threat home sage-like    apple-blind at nite-time
(a hypen - extends time? -

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