mooc 5

moocs like monsters are hybrids:  that’s why we’re scary, that why their scaly evolutionaries thrown back (roil stacked) ‘cause too small, 2 smile, to smell ... reset the system, ask how much change do ya want back?  how much backward do ya wanna change?  i liked this friend; like us on unfaced books of muzak, likewise;  i hated this friend, as a lover loathes an enemy;  he has 3,281 friends; but only 2 followers;  that’s where the lives screech ‘n’ halt, due to avatars w. faces like klaxons;  the entry clacks off just before the number of hits exceeds minus 93;  so, a web log shakes & bleed thru as the diary of a jumping spider, manned by maybes, associative just in the same way that dissociation is disbanded, repurposed, meaningless & re-branded

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