four pruntifora from Unknown Zone


you get paid to do that--
get into the dream !  this has taken long enuf !
paid in the listening times,
to think about the apple bread...
do think link,  then go focus out & luck;
that means values get cracked...



a crown from burger king for the goofball—
crown this constricted giggle to be ringing
from dictated food to traipse—
burger goes back behind colors,
king of not very smart things to do;
for the benefit of reaching inward;  for
the benefit of a choke hold named for you!
goofball,  ninny,  w. albums. locked in—



can hiding generate slow pills?
hiding in the sense of,  syntax w. wonder;
generate in the sense that files are yellow;
slow down,  the old song sez,
pills  .... are still in the pocket


clang lacker

if dawn (lapping shadow) overturns cringing,
dawn then’s a newness w surge prompts &
lapping asks this code to degenerate lux forget, right? so
shadow logic seeps into char-grilled lostnesses;
overturns are your turn, housing starts crashing ... or
cringing     the loop says: stomp!    reiterate!

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