Less Lonely-- David D'Agostino (and the APG) in Denver

If you're in Denver, be sure to check out this performance and exhibition.

3658 Navajo St Denver

April 26-May 19, 2013
Opening Performance 6:30pm April 26

Less Lonely: viz/lingo laboratory
David D'Agostino with Kelly Brewer, Daniel Nilsson, Dave Sole, Tyler Christopherson, Mango Katz

Original frog opus composed and performed by Cop Circles
Poetry text constructed and recorded by the Atlanta Poets Group
Classical music performed by Nathanial Leavitt

Less Lonely: viz/lingo laboratory, a collaborative exhibit/performance by Denver-based artist David D’Agostino, presents uncanny experiments in human-frog relations. Based on the Fish and Wildlife Field Guide to Frog and Toad Malformations, the inter-media event highlights our fascination with little amphibians that inhabits our feel-good psyche to seek ‘oneness’ with an abiding, albeit now malformed, natural world.  Mixing performance, text, photos, painting, dissection tools, burnt drawing, q-tips, concrete sculpture, balloons and music, the show explores the liminal space that exists between the creation of one idealized object or idea and its subsequent corrupted re-imagining.
The work is presented as a visual/language laboratory allowing the audience to participate in live dissections, write balloon poetry, and leave samples of personal DNA to be buried with Coqui frog fragments in Utuado, Puerto Rico.

David D'Agostino

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