study 228

this would be when the window shrinks; baby please crawl out; the bad false music of the happy shuperer; a maze in the confusions or maybe a may in the refusals; when the window shrinks, or you see a shrink (see it shrink)  --it’s a way to collapse outward, a find thing;  and so each bit unit builds up the newer what he rejects;  it’s a wave thing; the problem being primary two things namely dexterity and dexterity’s runners and then swing, or it might  be or could be rock, but that’d prob mean a slam typo...

the union is what it is, mainly in the relation of, what is important is the doing it would be relatable as a form of part knowing and so it goes, that to do’s the main lvoe, and this would be yer beginning in strings, a bass doubled by reunincriminated

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