not sold in stores

the logo is different
your eyes shrink to the dimensions
of the moral slash  economic system
a sun
marks up   the language      a tongue
it snaps back                    the font   split
be moving       as a dessert
B movie in the desert
crash              land


proficient in the backwaters
          conquer   a country
mine its speech
a boon is a gift
a boon dock 
to fall off
  &  splash


it goes like a siren
if there are more than just those 5 volumes
lob  that pitch
replace   the unkind circuit
moves ya right along       from
sense impression
to impoverishment. . .


access ramp
to   the moon of  mothers
bleeding   in the code
they enter at a  fast stride:

resistence is usless
uselessness is resistence


log   stamped    slip-up & slither
mind   has
dial...   curious...
the shadow    passing over
          a rigged   CPU


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