etude w anachronisms

assumed by many people and the mind   in an expand
where snow carries acids
being considered a great wit  as hammered,  she was
as sensual as a creek with no region of wind
most of the time a furnished subset if dream in
a slow fire across his city,  ragging flow neverminded
slap cling hasp un at the start of so or new
a spread of photos,  murky to the mind eye as antecedent
swing foam win deter fire siren mashing air or
they were subject to great color shifts in the
subjunctive tensed up to a tearing as urban as
fabric mellow dissevered all wheels for screech
flood rush connected narrative pours ice cold coffee on
your ploded unbelieving singer idiom child space hanker
unstable pretty little hoodlums, a mire by any other
game-playing at an older plan’s freezing now look here
try to heap a colleague and,  trad fixer shift as
malice whistling along the side road in writerly suspense
as a distribution network you would replace the
offending image w side effects: many little bits
of the golden rosy footprint

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