cryptophasia 4

what’s meta  for
                                                 guessworkish ?
creepily,  the way he thinks  a mind in clutter    time-margins
evoke solar wind,    leaving letters out,    quick   Rimbaud-
correlation,     each bit  goes into    personal history  --
history    not so much   (but,  it’s hidden there)
& heavy rain keeps the elemental veering
riparian lucite
manages to finagle this holy order of
crusader massacre goes,    tell me a target that
makes (that doesn’t make) sense
stentorian:  present arms!  all strophics ticktacktoe
into quartile toning, i guess
eventually :  americanly—
w a glance     they step across a dream silencing’s low
flow of nautical accident    all trope
unrecorded    like

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