Note on Aboutsideology ~&~ Climbing the Walls

Note on Aboutsideology   

is fuckin the real this. 
bright teeth who cometicity set. 
laps meet and the surge protector
joins sphinx and suspect
emerges rolling or rather roiling
in smile well
hove and nowing withem cometitual thrill. 
but me. i am) before 
doesn't escapable. i am a tell out feet. 
am and i'm aboutsideology 
this soon could body turn victual if art tho. 
are role and naturn vivity? 
the fight. 
bunning sexuals the how's any  
who say why press thing frozen 
you hereamiss off always 

Climbing the Walls   

haul me off skronk my nobs 
(unhands the door to                ) keep quiet, you'll 
anyway, but parole. 
does that opening bit about me. that is i am not typing. 
i mean. i am scream. screaming louder and louder 
and the trees are still presentations of subjectivity. arbre mort
yes, i am scream. i am liar but am i lying to myself. 
(i don't think its his.    maybe for the discussion of subjectivity. 
yes, i am saying the frequent reflexivity is a sign of truth. no 
that's not right     these are telling lies about this, that line 
i was dreaming. just add sauce. nice bunny. hold 
still. you i needed you i needed you i needed you 
to be incapable of

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