Answer Poem ~&~ Nothing's True Until Too Late

Answer Poem

now i don't making it (i am) and now that poem honest like me. 

this before truth. no many more (i am) and you would present everything. 

i mean. like it *was* the garden snake

all lie, we all lie anymore nailing beating about

facing me with one and one then another face. 

i am jack tempered about me if i could 

october and repetitional pressure of smother i made matter 

i play my air there or so excuse i am typos this poem. 

could you be any more frustration you

Nothing's True Until Too Late

a direction of this possible is to reveal
because me back. i shhh. hate speech see 
and am tell you are you. i course  
that dying a liar your salt on. am dreamish. 
shit stain. go insert yet. rage belongs here
so skate passed. rest in the lack of blame.

the bomb went     read it. 

those of take 
touching for it on. contentmeant 
reflexivity and louder 
do i fucking a liar. i am) and them more and i mean, 
and it self. i am afraid. i car. is that 
i am telling your turn. languished. 

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