paranarrative experiment #56

A laboratory comparison of clockwise and counter-clockwise
rapidly rotating shift schedules

walked along down and when from
that farm      into the city,       (they make a movie outa it..)

he’s tricky      
it’s no secret

banish of swindle to scam up the time

            a slow starting      of knowing something...
            --OK   in the original show
            i believe you cd. claim
            he’s got a  life,  the split
            acts that way

mister  “charlie”     hammers the lights

oh,  that’s       just continuing

he walked into the kitchen  and found
the cabinet  and opened the can
it was a cannot
with    the leaves showing
            it’s a growing season

every time he turned around
every time he spelled his name
every time he filled in the form
every time he agreed with what he said

there was someone
standing   watching
pricing out northern fiction
a thundering mouth  for a narco-listener
across his     unrevised land

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