paranarrative experiment #93

chance chants

1.  what is that?  what is that?  the voice shrinks down to it’s one item small esteem like a font

2.  little snort into the phone

3.  i have the blank of physical ways,  manage harm with two fingers,  there in the smoke;     he says

4.  someone walked by,  tugging down her sweater

5.  sweat

6.  ‘cause you know,  he’s in the movie

7.  she’s been actin since she been a child;  get mad,  get real

8.  he saw the bat layin nex to the body

9.  she sd,  can’t drink all those windows...

11.  a mind is in pink,  & then gets pulled that way

12.  dedicated to Bobby Valentine

13.  he cut somethings out    until he had a self

14.  someone looked ,    then life was there uncertain

15.  the linen in the closet & then the post facto move the city

16.  lines get curdled by knowing

17  he didn’t hear anyone leave but then

18.  utility edifice   & she was going thru things in the desk rustle papers

19.  waling cradles no identity

20.  a cough    around the corner     there must be   the real

21.  scissors at paper    a sound of devouring

10.  his signature,   been shrinking since a child

22.  turned the car    the ignition key lit up

23.  he’ll be our next mayor

24.  found the dark glasses in the dim room

25.  you leave something like that lying around at yr own risk

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