burnt umber

skid               among squash
        of a jarring machine
as time            rip
is  all washed up
it cranes a
meager peek    on-follow

maybe as  a slight
   to be        sonority
do it all
                          in a time block
laffs go at nite & are
                part of the sorority
of idiocy

not some ache    dip to handle data
figure skating                      it eludes me   this
shogun logic                                                                                                                                                                         a shaming magic

time    bent space
hunted  anti-efficiency   leaping        a rattle-trace ion decelerator
            flipped up
licensed mission creeps
                  left ‘em hiding from more

major   maybe   a
bent is how  returningness        
it sleeps like a baby in the hate    

    lacks like a fumble in the soot
seeks like a stun in the moat                              ration
   rationality       in the brake state

he broods in a stumble celebrity
portrait                 a morbid trait                   or  races
                    a souped-up car  go
the loot behind
the hate

       manic is the happenstance glue-snifter
you feel that w a sample   a video clip
you’ve got notes   to grin into stumped day

                                                the shrug
same function as the whip
a studio non-starter drowse       in the
half-unformed   plastic unthought clay—

in the next stable   slip fault unline            
            half-linear      event data
opening up to
ugly in the bone cast    
tapped-on n tentative

i rummage thru words ‘cause the mast
got sawed-off

rummage thru words
i’m learning to speak             

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