a set of blocked pop-ups


minder is to mind-read a clock check
or grids to amplifake
known as rum in a dark or smarmy byte
then, off you go to
set the timer, dealing w a lot of lost
salaried flame-creakers, & an archival web
tool that gets gunked up on the little back roads
. . . the rote is what he read, lashed w index issues:
shelflisting goes to add as an item
that new system’s an archeology
of the never really impure or house of the
writhing sound             a tone
search keys loop into paragrafightings
for non happen paper bundle
workarounds ... challenges to new approach agent fax
that’s where i got the
secondary numbers in a military phoenix pyrite
they didn’t realize he’d
worked it down to such a fined level
of granularity

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