Here's an unsegmented recording of the performance we did at ATHICA on Friday, August 17, 2012. Thanks again to Lizzie, Hope and ATHICA for having us.

And below is a setlist so you can tell what you are listening to. Composer is in parentheses.


     variations: these things are shadows merely by virtue of their location (Mark)
      [Note: this piece is not in the recording-- we didn't get the recorder started on time.]

00:00 - selected poems (Zac)

05:08 - dateline: Patriot's Day (Erika)

07:05 - selected monophons (Mark)

14:40 - Untitled polyphon with ATHICA Epiphytes (James)

20:30 - "something happened, on this we agree" (JLo)

35:36 - Phenomenon of Consequence (Zac)

39:10 - Miniphytoharmonium: y'all or you guys (James)

41:40 - Integration Redisintegration (APG)

48:26 - selected poems (Erika)

53:58 - Mark talk about Lattices

56:13 - your call is important to us, or outlyre (Mark)

59: 20 - The Making of Thriller (James)

1:00:55 - calm and respite (Erika)


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