Where the weather wanes, aburptly

Clara, I am not in March, the long grass.
To feed without having a hit. The reasons for sending breaks.
Beat chaos, rabbit and prohibit light volume only.
Budge things, to send the same hands into trees, break rain down from transferred.
Soda funny, touches traces. Can Picassos? Becks on the table? 
How? - and therefore without the swimming hairs…
Cold black pink, is one of the planks at the end of goodness.
In short, this soda stains: those sound effects right now or return to cycle the country.
All land, such as cold or dust, and a little more. 
As long as you do not end pet sitting.
We say, they say, because I know you have said, Our pets 
will take the form of a set 
containing a number of friends 
who are kind of 
lined up.
Great thing that specific policy language and the cases are not known as explosal.
Beautiful bag, the first two months from heaven is limited.
Faithless, that the spirit is more than a rachet up for the skanky.
Mad flow of new life, or, how to find that the dark band in the dark bands.
The back, and shaft and some? Coat the half points.
Clear, but it's all false. 
Astrological stench on night slammed shut.

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