study 105 : hellcat

lying law a sleep fine tool ur city flits

ways to and then shift is     yank,  abrupt    a new then     an old now

apt of you quick to a split train
into old tunnel as then rattle or slake or  glint

keep going main thing is traipse out
a you and a weather from realism grinning in
underside omnitide
flit hanker div goldleafing
its a wick burn a fuse
matter a told enter
quick rash uncover no kind a flint maggie
work in hammering
in the tensile
assistance   riveting to umph

then yap rattle happen ultra
non repeat dive in grays unlined only petals
wave or a blink in a rumble time soak
fash as in in the photo gets grump lash to shrug highspeed

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