study 83

(implied immobility)

if then as default   not yer fall
a remiss plan crag
slog fit to re-tamper bay  
          wholly quivering,  bat
manned by stupid dolt string
but if coals fink thru to pages
a re-sale where privacy’s
lit a beginning hedge on flare
we rug a slake zero to see plum
over the top lattice memory
fleecing all kin in the nay, bore!
hood light to bullet litter the
car, servitor and even a wink
notably one time a soldier melted
to rakish polar land star
string of characters
let me fling the lag rate
this a way, smashing states n stares
maybe a star lost grows
in the latch mode
meta-half-pint don’t just tell
me the word comes from French
i wanna know how many
betrayals, as be tray, all
means that dropped smashed plate
it knits where a wrung bell’s
label to the too many in a flow
grift maybe says it
even the table where the contents
get chopped up
he’s doing the same thing w
his own drowned book

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