The History of It (now with Audio)


so equally stuck, struck imagining passed the wound
so is beyond the horizon still, does it pulse
so scar as horizon is horizon and nothing above
so a situation where you ought not confuse past and passed, or
so rather this is one where you must confuse them al-
so subterfuge them
so it was about the time "meh" entered the language, if not just
so then at least 
so so, chronologically, and
so face got other play, this is the way they tell it
so post hoc squared, viral on the order of a sneak peak, tube steak
so was the moral arm twisted, by face
so splat and finito
so to begin without tuning up all the organ voices 
so taut and
so languid
so antisocial with green magnum and red bag down in the mine
so plotted against all of futurity until tomorrow al-
so forgetting something but it's nothing can be said
so broken, ultimately
so to continue to begin to begin
so as to clog one for the stepped on subject's substance and
so on and 
so forth, get up, stand straight, act like you
so believe the lines threaded through it all as they
so believe for you already in
so far as this is all to put the shit back in the mule, smuggle cross border
so sisyphean, opening shift at the institution, why I miss pollution 
so the curb has an edge useful for scraping
so this is where everyone takes their breaks
so purgatory is really more of a transit zone, which is why Dante took a cab 
so charting a course to subtract it from all but itself 
so ambitious, pointless and petty
so hope from agency while managing bitterness with tox, al-
so grinding fantasy passed all connection, kissy kiss impossible
so to read misery as calling, vocation
so irony martyrs itself
so this is funny, at first, let's get this party started etc
so after awhile the irony really sets in, raise your hands in the air and 
so on, and
so we get used to that too
so everyone throws their coats on the bed
so then it, not the bed, becomes flat and blandly intractable
so like a stone you always use crossing the stream
so finally we arrive at paradox having cut out the eyes
so they could see it anew al-
so begin again to begin to make jokes, jokes 
so cutting into the kiss of the new, jutting cokes
so like wind can cut when cool enough
so beauty in the latest is simply
so that death remains viable, ever the floating word
so are you advertised at
so balloon-like, or blimp-like, and dropping pamphlets
so read through those and tell me how touched you are
so moving 
so engaging, poignant, evocative 
so say nothing about the 1000 things that went wrong at every turn
so say nothing about the lines being cut
so bloodthirsty
so "one by one" as with finality
so like the can is empty, noises from the outer orifice
so yesterday's coffee microwaved for 1:11 on high
so playing ball with the dead master
so Monday every Monday every day
so like passing a stone, another, a quick fluid rush of them
so dark circular but rough sooty at its edges
so what maintains, granting access to dark body
so interiorized, stupifying, felt sense of ugh 
so easy to feel like you are all alone
so odd noted nexus where it was drained
so magic, basically and unrepeatable, so get ready for suspicion
so doubt everything then redoubt it, generalize dysphoria
so outside us all, like a warmer patch in the ocean
so not what anyone is looking for 
so why topical and 
so why topical is a stupid question al-
so impossible to avoid
so why now, etc, trouble long systematic with the packaging claims
so their outer breaking edge was reached, in principle
so back at ground zero flesh sings anew
so the dialectic or evolution or an array of events or pick your paradigm
so what then, to make books of it will make anything about it livable
so that would be the assumption, yes to everything out your window
so I do this, I do that but where that mark, a slash itself and 
so already a split, is a pretense of the lines already threaded through
so to simple the gross of the manifold, see cracks following lines or crossing them
so leave aside, as unknown unknown where else the cracks run
so only and 
so precisely, infinite
so dissolved in a translucent tint 
so how's that working out for you, fine, mite, mote for decline
so happenstance that chance was chanced
so a roll of the dice will or will not
so no counting on dice, fingers and toes will do
so groundlessly in the antifoundationalist sense, but with muddy shoes
so like the falling of rain on a dry dirt patch
so the day ends with the decade and a news program
so this is a present we all give to ourselves
so very lost 
so who has the back to bear it up hill both ways
so where then are my presents, what bought this body for me
so hampered by words at all stupid crying day
so face like a palimpsest, can still read the list of shit not to forget
so auger of things to come, convenience store for the forgotten
so forlorn in the snacks, too far gone for pork rinds
so jagged with deep choking breaths 
so far from the river, al-
so uncertain which 
so better not buy either, go home with nothing
so which river
so not authorized and 
so insufficient funds and who knew you'd run into that guy again
so you're worried about it meaning nothing at all
so accidents never happen 
so reckless driving is a symptom al-
so subterfuge  
so a pattern has revealed itself
so there will never be a final answer
so how can we (not) keep asking
so why (not) grow through a summer and get back on the horse later
so a fucking buck fifty for the air pump at the gas station
so come out come out whatever you are
so re-remembering how to read a bike
so seeing the end in sight
so the bag dwindles and 
so the muse, the lids
so the whole closed
so the ceiling is the sky and these scenarios are too enclosed
so end I the nexus
so the vinegar-like stench of unwashed crotch is now a plug-in
so failure too is, remember to moisturize
so thoroughly like waking up for the last day of your life and knowing it
so sweat the ceiling, tiny spider erratic path
so curl against the single cell anomaly 
so just the right mascara is a blink, tangle
so I was starving and began to eat my jeans, taking one bite after another
so what do you dream of then and why so defensive
so maybe meaning neutral
so maybe meaning you fucked up and are stuck again with a
so so stabilization where too much of the dark is ever-ascendent 
so drudgery and the like
so wait, earlier when beginning had begun and we've not gotten anywhere, I...
so you smell that too
so thought it is coming from over there, where something is groaning
so code and self'd up with a suede-like nap to it
so happy to look into mirrors looking at mirrors looking at mirrors
so long as they're blind
so back when friends were friends, men was man
so then was than, or rather
so believing in chameleons now that the fix is out
so tearing up while waiting to be controlled
so these names bind us to the pole
so you know where to go for nothing much 
so yes this would be the bleeding edge, if the edge were flesh
so beyond the turning back point
so basically why the Illuminati killed Michael Jackson, and
so under a sway commonly called "generalized" and
so much more like vision in that there is no instant replay
so against at all times, pressing up and doubting every
so -n- 
so not magical, even as none can bear that adoration
so kill them all and let dogs sort them out
so the dead again wear this 
so the sand, plague notes for the well to plug brass for the masks they wore      
so swelling music is distantly heard, you should hum along
so while you're all humming, and while the mood is right
so the ending of the beginning of the beginning has begun and won't soon quit
so nothing is what it has all meant
so no thing is subbed for the monster
so download an ebook for forty bucks and sixty nine cents to teach you how to
so the answer has no question preceding it 
so the options recede
so la la la, and oh oh oh, and passing uncomfortable looks 
so arbitration was not possible, mediation a dream
so there is nothing to do but join the fan site in
so far as everything hopeful is happening elsewhere
so that here boredom can soak up all the brainwaves
so that all thoughts recur
so it's a sort of small town bubble effect, something like that, al-
so nothing like that at all
so where are we anymore, are we still mired in the device
so nothing requiring plugs or batteries non-organic
so sick of it all anyway
so that is why people stare at you in small towns
so underwhelming when you get right down to it
so a link was shared and water caused the glass to sweat
so this is what time is like mediated
so like a smoke-filled room, you share it there and I here
so do we hymn togetherness together
so as not to speak of our addictions
so speaking has a time within which too soon is a space to be occupied
so as far along as can be desired, minus that last step
so who was chasing the knife al-
so the apparent motivation was an admiral, three boats in a tub
so yes, our best guess remains some kind of disco

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