"your ass interrupts" from Clips of Desire

faggot you’re in my luck in the form of mass media namely the voice,  stratospherized by our machinery and no less suggestive for it is not so much our vision to appreciate borders whether inside or a noun,  lawnmower next together balancing slender legs pushing knees into eagerly traffic zooming by gripping pulling thrust and so tight around feels so good inside me had until the short short hairs and unoriginal swirl of tribal tattoo darkening relationships of the city twilight and moreover the narratives considered tensions and began to question sexu exualit fication before transition consistently un so experience has been widely dis go any issues that people buy into,  your ass interrupts my thoughts I don’t remember it suddenly it’s morning I must have fallen to kiss my future self but you’re awake and to wake you I realize what happened,  a baby-faced colossus sical dan tical liability gotiations already come tumultu the sexual not his that they were rility,  was caught leaving her him of having denied it while attempting interco with horse in a theory smuggled through the early days of singing in bed when only embraces like a romantic schoolgirl desperately in love with each of them,  I’m saying I believe you across that desiring divide, forget good breeding she howled xing as a tight little pseudonymous magazine suggested an occasional erotic impulse incapable of rapid succession so begin with a single finger,  after forty-five minutes my legs spread apart you see internalize a lot of peoples’ nega writhe under the weight of so it will rub just the way couldn’t handle it,  slapping my cunt more desirable than a loft studio too crowded I of some mushrooms earlier and can feel one in my mouth everyone is dressed blue snowflake and the orgasm goes on and curtains confessed that he couldn’t handle it his irises I want him to hurt,  a decent burial a few words

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