"the other other of sex" from Clips of Desire

dates and pomegranates like sex spread out in turgid forms links body to lang in three dimen which has a demon for conceptualizing rhetoric,  I am the other other of sex,  possession alone did spite the real pres rings on and I hold hands and kiss but they never see it trans essentialisms within medically has been medial while twelve a little under half were mixed just take me,  ze is kissing the manic animals deep inside me,  soup of language left at midnight at the mailbox covered in sand pails and drunken come keeps rising from the thought of you all bubbly,  and suddenly my mouth was full of something signal flows down circuit and the knowing of a telephone addresses the cognizant realization through its atonality with choice assumed,  if you were to check extenuating circumstances including damn it then grounding would last like a distraction gling the doorknob bra I was wearing some fucking minded and I thered my ething manded haha stuck kiss left splinters of ice on other man’s lips,  come soul not that it harbors blonds pressed against the bookcase exposing ass I whelmed but definitely wasn’t at the blond’s back neck compliant bottom complaint unruly bangs sucking on a different number he’s up to now,  this model has everything hand-gesture glistening with saliva shuts the door behind disarming smile curv ting arming as she walks in the marble to tell the diff,  ze I see on occasion which hides some empty topics but there is real wood between us,  gasm against tyran you knew that but you hope to read intimacy when everything laden with bitterness at its best rela on offer is this,  touched by limit cumming white radiance of eternity a lot of alternatives stains easily essay falling apart like hope chest,  sperm when I wake sewers and currents onal attach a known cess to leak their lubri celiba awful isolation is separate selves

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