Poet X : a treatis re: verse(d)

essay 38

as in when then you have a wider pallet   to work
across or away from    shadow in
greyer steely tones a theft w well-worked hues
it makes a time   shift in the galleons
pouring into a sax   the wail-road is well known   across
a system rack then heave the secret
writing say, plan toll-mahals writ as in a
shadow at brake necking speech    suddenly  someone’s in tune
then radio switch off tone?

no, it mangles all the way to modulate ..

quaver at a pitch sequence   the manner goes plosive
on a near attain  switch,  all to the rapid eye    levitate   ground or
zip to leap homonym       what they feel
meritography at a winsome
worm hole

when arctic’s the slay master frame hover
it works where you are,  a reason clamp hooding yr cigarette in the
coldish air,  a frame to make shady distinction
click up wild flinging   a bit source casually sown down in the street;
lock up abandonment at kinky embellish
a cracked word like a bell,    egg foaming out into
yr pounding chord hatching     

oh gosh, stutter mall—
spring forest in pop is to write unclear:
in an alley city, the lounge gifts reptilian destinies;
all kinda lines have a true tick,
as musical sifting;
if you believe deeply in focus
here’s a shutter, opening up to speed;
it don’t mean a thing
if it ain’t got rat cling

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