"no cupping no squeezing" from Clips of Desire

with the sociable virgins deploying,  unwillingly falls which leads with however quickly career,  a grudge role undistinguished dejected and dis called telephones peeled off her red eager face breasts he just told me and die a happy dyke just when super-sensitive neck in just,  no cupping no squeezing together just pressing and stroking and oh my shirt played and pinching of pain before response slowly soaking,  faux struggle twisting hand rocked salty and crazy arched and to the wrist halation of surprise closed them to it,  kiss blown through thighs to tremble to make to make you all sides with water,  entialism to gender temporary sexual politics in what psy damental artifactuality even arbi bates nomena are far more settled by spective,  I tug on table in against the front hir wrists moaning so loudly I know what landed flick open a knife,  came wever such biases dings to identification conjures up cadavers plex,  it’s pure legs kicked up,  the urge to take a guy in,   as a girl and all the pain that,   a rite of passage that never really stung uphill hike in high heels like that,  you say you’re pissed,  I can’t feel my neoliberal landscape undergirding the strategies of mass organizing inhibiting my orgasms any boundaries between organic hybrid figures of Jesus that quite literally appears dead human and animal on elliptical table in which pornographic scenarios incarnate the mystery of character and increasingly bizarre assemblages don a lawsuit for better more of that order non-attainment pleasure in melodra and refuse,  sex encrypt it for eternity in the less legible the more ostensibly expressed,  I’m loaded long live a moral purpose lets always backing up so that shit ran down cuz the place is wrecked and you’re not sexy enough, come crunchy carpet for example,  a homeo functional level that unpleasure is related to as their restitutive tendency to grunt work and sucks the pits out of peaches  

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