a poem for today, 17 May 2012

a poem for today, 17 May 2012 
[a word-sorted sonnet of twelve sentences and its image]
By constantly representing itself as a kinetic spectacle and disavowing its energetic lack of autonomy, modern subjectivity establishes its colonizing relation in regard to all sorts of energetic sources—whether those are natural, physiological resources, or affective ones: desires, affects, becomings.
Comforting words.
You're lying.
People are monsters.
To be very blunt, I reiterate that in most social interactions, we recognize each other by our faces rather than by how our genitals look.
Share yourself, completely.
We're not friends.
You flatter yourself.
It's a shame you're not alive to experience disembodiment.
Does nature have WiFi.
Take pleasure in this.
One order, one voice.

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