gimp oh but insist

(from:     the Loss Lieder

all the odd timing slips misplaced in there
the fine blast hope in a spaceship as trump how all across
leaf goes untitled as a know
in the fierce or an icesheet covering
here the unindited
to a quiet or the rope
as secret ballot

acrimonious is back behind billboards
tropes to moan
lever ya pull,  look you just mangle a word or moment
flops where a soldier rehashes
heavy long extended rack a skyline vibrate
tag along at the hid sentence glance-like
aquaria     they will farm breath

actually it’s glop all over or it’s bird shadows
tabled motion, roll off the edge
long or that sharp i say it needles him,
ideology claws at ya, idiosyncratic flapping arrested
hammer-strung with all these votes not notes and
so, train to go outa focus
ain’t gonna flip that way, say
flay   (trump:    a forma play

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