nag sing

(from:   the Loss Lieder)

            cold stone road you never know
looking at illegal adopting
fair use humanity range              it’s as if
                 painting the     blue poles   w.     yr own
a call saying stats wander
bridge-burning  for the whole community
drawn     victims     unplaced    scope
public integrity doesn’t believe in that tearing sound
just ornery,  & online        &  ping!
flat   hardened   walk by,  conversing
a holy terror is pathology in springtime
you can’t  wear human hair
wigging out             in NY summer...   laughing
at something’s a new romantic ballad
--the roamin’ gaze flips a generic    day off
teaching men how to have contempt is like addressing
an eel with a unicycle        squids have
daily catch remembrance

            the search for home slits    drowning & laughing
coyote   held in forgetting—
operatic?  hidden digital swing         a penny for your horror...
songbook      for factions  in microform

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