Poet X : a treatise re: verse(d)

essay 354

then what you scribble, as against a scrabble
so, mix time is a spurt   off growth andor needle
flame to sterilize
it all gets to sterile   it’s a pretty soon shot individuals as human
subjects    jokes as trick as treat
you think (as) speaking “experimentally”
audio-visual = AV, aunt guard
hammering out an idiom (hamming it up)
tumbles to: interwoven,
the great monologue is paraphrase as polysemic
(poly seem as poly is:  a cracker, xmas meaning overthought)
experimental crossing legal borders kinda thing
till you realize
all the fictional crowd noise when the door opens you greet
the absence
a fine parallel to ancient economy meld flowing mind where who any
what you bleed’ll
end up spelling out historic histrionic theater spaces
the fifth wall stands in for verbs, lessons learned from broadcasting code
noun sense?
grab sense ...
energize the birds in quiet toning
tech knock racy

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