block form #5, in yellow-green

    (for single voice)

as things that are immobile one caught
on a branch a stream is a creek
is a wave or beyond expression fashioned
to sing in crisscross patterns my
frown not an amount the city then
a product or a waterfall the single
drip wearing away cathode sheer merely
addendum look just because the nerves
are thrilled by a gawk spectacle of
yourself sneer as in chitchat to the
thought every bit of light thru the leaves
combs acids further a year wears
a single sequence build of leaf-blower-
roar out of all proportion of sand
caught in the think-tank segmented the
way a segue is segmented the rise
and fall of tossed huff an eyelid
is the gate to the city the banks
are made of marvels with a lost guide
at every dour smeared moment a wry
shrug only bred to the bone alone
can make this one time sit up and blink

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