poet X : a treatise re: verse(d)

essay 344

sling alignment is middle tracing birds go to
sing mode, phantasm launch spasm to sequence,
a middle turn whiling away a rush at clung flat-out—

necessarily, the spin cycle washes thru
word-tangle: spaces between heard
& the jumble pilot; ... don’t use
a smudged empty space, whack away
at knots
till you got flow purpose at linked tensile

practice makes perfect
& brackets make blurred-fact;
both managing exchange-value inside yr usufruct

juggling? that gets the participles up in the air
toward crash landing, like mashed understanding
if you bunt
they whirl away as inside-game
small ball crosses
great bawlings of fire

got closed down
where the verb mentions locked,
gliding down to focus where the twigs
stay up at a next-shaped April
a May-tricks off the instance
firing right over from stasis ...
as: throw out
slews of notes,
&: veer
opening day

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