Poet X : a treatise re: verse(d)

essay 345

the upward-movement of the first line
remains unfixed,
the structure of this book is
basically, pantomime, or quasi-logical;
give me fruits & flowers
whether produced by rhetoric, the classical tone,
or strophe by strophe,
dark & heavy as some rock earth
we fall on ...

encouraged by letters
the poetry’s musical,
you have to skip a line between altered gibes,
ad slogans
flit around where
oops! vocables glower
in this little tiny space:
i heard water
sloshing thru pipes, over sand;

they shut it off round about midnite
to fix the flow
between and & about,
or & and, & the smooth steel nylon silks
over the curtains

the upward-movement of the first line
slides out of place
just right:
that one mash-up,
jot down & around
where spindles shred my hesitation yellows & blues;
how long do i have to wait
where a few of the first words are gonna
spill out in a heap right in front
of that kiosk ...

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