observations on tenor

(from:   the Los Lieder)

lunk object fine as missile to toe to frame heavy darkened blue

as training when scissors cut spear, a mind fakery lunge surcease in miniscule

it goes whap slumming in a Troad lifted off stones, uttered in speaker cone

in merits then goes a quite yipping in a now
as loaded back of the truck in a seam going straight thru to
where or how in time dial a sun that’s here   meaning    then

in the numbered doc a finish like lacquer in solar waves
absolute  the relativity sometimes asking about how
the wind xeroxes its contours
for you,  the con tourist

in line spacing a manage release point off to sweep
up loads of awards     then he tripped    the words get back at ya
flame situated in the bronze plaque on trophy

load to where maybe they call you a weed
more than a sensitive plant
pliant photos or rare synthesis in the post latin world shot fling
bash to the recording heads it’s just what they
said in their constitution a mine under eyes are glory
for a slightly artificial citizen
i’m thinking of calling it semi  or

if you traipse from one end of the known world to where
they got an unknown one   don’t call me late for supper only
i     am escaped to tell you,  escape sucks

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