a large upright obstacle

abyss they send for conqueror the scholar
behind the curtain goes,  yippee, the mind flattened with galoshes gosh,
cling where a mind fricasseed with bland in daily
drums us up to screeds groan flake peer there
even fling to nary a peep outa who (who?) slung you a grin
folding up the map good luck slick run to the outside seeing
grapes livid in air give you a wine made out of time or
hand held camera tracks over everything gets blurred in the lunge
introspection means the infected are implicated
jilted by hid necessity is mother of jerked identity change
kiss unkiss hide hide a mirror gaping
lick strange event passages letter opener slits the dream open
moors tramp over em to be the alien in wife strangling
never code for angel of the hearth a lost quit slipping paranormality
over where cries crystallize
paranecessity as the tight cloud over face
qualms? i got plenty!   it’s a night jolt or lite choke even if the
rattle closed bars cage fighters?  i can beat a cage anytime
long as you realize you can’t get out of it (armed w shrugs)
thanx for the mumblings a harsh storm on Doppler map winks
ugly into planned space absence weave backhoe junk-related
vacant as a scale    giving you ask imp’d unstrung nerve
wake up at the one time words splay
xylem sawed over to fiddle into grip silence
younger than forests or that not agreeing concrete street now
zygote pinched back in brain real head shake, shake

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