mapquesting, or, time of the city, or, pool on a roof

(from   the Loss Lieder)

plan time in the maybe seening reap
lay on layer   odd schizo flame thrower city walk
anyway, the lines go get tangled foam to maybe lack system
net over wall, crimp the way a slim listening
would in the transistor subsistor link planage wall a-told
igloo trap stepping lash to grip-along tale trailer
mash up the teak event webs into gallery
elementary my dear watts off the neck intruder happen
it loads this way to crimp well-a-say make-sultry talk fiddle
never ever landing in a quick step
tag it bag it
heavy as a lurch shyster manage all that doe peddle
eager that way leaps
mooV meant a cow blinks across
ample reason to be here
after all everyone
has to be

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