cash by nite (if you flaunt it, gut it)

(from   the Loss Lieder)

what then     it you lean into
                                    blast from inaudible
     this tells you
trying    ain’t their   acceptable
procurator still got
oratorical polychrome
      like that asocial Darwin
first the intro       then, you meet
yourself       coyote in a city
                         strung out   
& toning soapboxes
on a
closed line  

gov’t troops amplified until dawn

              40 times in June, goes to
writing   back toward         shine metal sheen
     goes,   after off at   a talking kilter
    arresting   this find   is the bar   
        radio bleep signal    it’s a fail at the night
it goes toward           after to     the
              foreign tongue twister’d
as one riff     gone    as volcano steal   a sip at drown
    it grows fames       to lacking then
a wild    into  this
                           untune,  truthtype substance

if it goes
a semilunar   to flatten there
declension out so     that guitar tech
will tune you into non long belief    slap hang
so you go     driving at maybe a nothing style
flip down yer cord rip changes to
that super group at the horizon i see to lank maybe
or slow tilt it goes to
       a Freudian rejection slip
there to a summing-up
OK i’m,    gilt to a tee     you ain’t even thunk
rain a starer
                uniformed consent is to
con man mingle
half pint to my lie a mass acre
here you go, into
hammerless revolver
it might be
give it a good rethink
i’m tryin’ to give ya something
a tone row boat
to sink

many witnesses boiled how the fried market
flows: all to beauty                  them together types
     banish to trudge on
   at that lash historical nod
              returnee      is gonna wig out
a spin   goes to stone        let me almost tellya:
               adjusted swatch half our.
       lapses at flint   locked into
      a grimace they couldn’t even
       rack this to start some
    bell going on and on            if a formulary
             step into the blacker     bluedeepening   &

it goes flip to there
half pint nostalgist
and         then w a margin ratted
tames off

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