Poet X : a treatise re: verse(d)

essay 119

should be speaking Greco-Arabic;
as in an electronic resource, drying up

it’s a bit sketchy in term of traditional scansion

it’s an outflow irregularity organism ....

strode along by the tide; a savage place no they came looking, in, frame by frame; we slowly

closed the door, noticing an oddish sound; in one pausing, what they mean, is, a dent in the machine doesn’t equal cash in the handout, or;

idiot grants, that they can manage:
poetry is the opposite of money, w a momentary
mobile digital device for spanning
wasted time across twilights

i try to magnify shadow broken along mine code nod; a songster knows all the variants plunge right in then what do i need a primary investigator yesterday sound of a creak; fling this where that will be, to be a near?
a near is a where?

scattered, published, like slippery slopes

hover not only there but as a semi-savage place;
roiling simply is framing

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