Poet X : a treatise re: verse(d)

essay 120

formulas need no further elucidation
bad verse because he stomps
proto-metric reading loops the loop back
into intensifications of meaning (the human regard blankly
ripped over those kinds of unity
that work without pause, for the ear, for the
roller-coaster thru introvert hypnoses ...

formulas need no further elucidation,
if you ask where numbers go
they drain into yack-yack cacophonious linkocracies;
but thanx to the death of the
historical avant-garde, we can applaud here
by lighting a fire under the verbs &
loan-words (they come w an artificially heightened

formulas need no further elucidation
indices of time demand constant trochees across
the bonds of verse, even if i wreck my Stanza
i still have an Odyssey with lots of room for
our worn-out baggage, and a Prelude with a souped-up
romantic 6-cylinder engine; a 3-car garage
too, but no way
to lock it

formulas need no further elucidation
you paint over them

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