Poet X : a treatise re: verse(d)

essay 115

in visionary modalities,
type setting goes linear in a squiggly corkscrew
jostling the bits of the coast you can versify
till all the magnetic words
on yr fridge
fly up into a kind of torus
or splashed pastiche w wrecked amplitudes;
or, in other words
a police-action against handwritten editing,
blast-pheming all the way
thru permutated space

you’ve got that font
on your hard drive, it’s a hard-driving
sonnet-mulching twilight
if i’ve ever heard one;
sort of an anonymous scrap of liminal discourse
that crumples into prim shadows

even so, some recently-found choruses
stand off behind its damaged rep

& a spy listens to performative lock-jaw
spreading all over the place
via dandelion

a victory owed, is a victory urn’d
& in visionary modalities
they hear bits of hurt anger laffing:
algo-rhythms used to hurry-scurry the command-
structure into pendulumic form
w really such an enthralling blade
glued on using honey & whisper

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