"o finger tip" from Clips of Desire

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  1. enjoying these and intrigued by the trajectory/project of the series. The tongue that licks and caresses also the tongue that speaks and philosophizes... saliva as a fluid to lubricate both sex and speech but also to digest and break down our conception of same--to say nothing of how eros and speech are bound-up together, fundamentally, in any poetics willing to face itself unflinchingly...

  2. yes, you have successfully 'fingered' (all senses of that idiom) the primary nexus which this series aims at. I regret that I was not able to get these recorded as I had the earlier ones, but perhaps I still will in time. I was intending this series to end when I have 36 of these pieces. At present there are 20 of them done and another 10 or so that are not that far from complete. Methodologically this revisits and adapts a method I used many years ago for the Duchamp-focused poems called STOPPAGES, but I notice that the 'prose' formatting and longer length per poem makes these feel very different than the stoppages.

    & of course I'm having a blast finding images to go with the poems. This one is especially bizarre, but works for me.