study 12

we find the following
a verge into potentiality
that releases hostility, with a grinding sound
a seed plant recurs, like the heroine of a novel
or the heroin of a darker street subsection
bound up w the system
motivic and ironic
reich whorl transform swill
i have a language in which happy doesn’t even have one word
blank then is when the government information
combined soap & the landing of aircraft
we were assured that to read the smudged pages
was a characterization
thief bled being stolen from
suddenly in the middle of the mall
they told ‘em they had to
start building a life
maybe even four lives

i don’t know how many times you’ve got to
negotiate an urban conflict
we, i, said w my usual spaciness;
the classic experiments in space and time
involved the illegality of
bringing yr own beer and wine in
in brown paper bags

believing in touching and then spitting

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