It Came From Wednesday Night

the heave ho of listening

in the silent

the clack clack

smiley non

secret i've bones or spill

nestle stole sock

lock sleet set son

what's the skinny

sneaking is part of family


Snuggle Khan stokes the toll scene

select elk

on toss

neck steel

slot so

socket lessen lot

it's the heave ho of listening

Snuggle Khan

I saw your mommy kissing santa claus

hog cocoa grip and luck clog


The night life is appreciated by me, as is boogieing.

a gently of udder, tokenless closet

my cell strokes the onset down

in the cellar where bats

dream of attics and the lubrication

of lunch through limp algorithms

vesselless timidity

Sadly, I cleft the gentlemens' room.


smiley non is part of the family slot

sneaking secret stole sock

it's his sleeve, yo, Sniggle Khan's

glistening like a luck clog, gripped

Total poem: twinkle, tedium.

Translation: hmumamunga.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly and entirely with 王瑞. Thanks for your comment.

    Also, the quality of this wed. night poem inclines me to push this activity more often. L., do you know personnel on this one? Or have a date for it?