_Fear & Swans Itch_ [ 19 ] by John Lowther


[AUDIO] - Impersonation of JL by Stefan Diehl, for Language Harm "Impersonations"

Push button weekend of a Thursday

Commenced, ended as quickly

They chew on cables and hoses from cars

This is the salient public knowledge.

Swan fitfully into a curtained window

There is garbage out and light in

A cold shift of gears in the itchscape

& a kid crying strangely somewhere.

Itches inner child. Drop the dashes among us

Strife the moon, savor labor of what

Screens a false voice, count heel taps.

Oh shit is that an auger, like for the future

An oh shucks in the making, a feint

Toward wondering if the last cigarette is out

Which turns out to have been a smell

Yes, but something else as well

All the places where the dead is just

Lifting off plates of itch, dare scratch

Leers scar but there are no stage directions

After that moment. Push the damned button

Or stifle the consequences, I'm not talking

About this again.

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