It Came From Wednesday Night (undated)

prefiguring echo

coming up forward locking unlocking slip lash fling

fat fad fade it’s often like that

Can underwear be clung? My purr gongs

and if that is not enough capitalizes

more’n spying we wish klunk winks

grapes figuring molded until not looking not looking

heroic acts left in the weigh slide

expanded pictures from a hilpementer’s pristelimiterist:

“No, I want 2B known as an inhuman monster.”

ok that’s not ok nor enough

hung up id was trill space not agone and then

thrump! solid hit makeshift stir

blame glided spinster

Unability, due to makeshift dangles

grimaceshire stick figured down

ramp to crush ore it rag back dreamt out

furnaced it hung

RUUUhureitITH! I geebeeb

no common intelligible sound

causeway junket a kind of spammish

he said No way, and sneered and

jumped the jalopy swung

In punging, lipped to the other side

having lost my flow i offered

coming up backwards frog pipsqueak

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