_Fear & Swans Itch_ [ 10 ] by John Lowther


That taught scratch to look for that itch in

Other people. The fear of being forgotten

May outweigh the fear of swans with push

Buttons. Bloopers. Teaching you the fear

Lop off an armpit but shit the armpits are

Working. Let's not get rash. Funny - yeah right

Or funny -fuck you? Itch been the ugly duckling.

Concertinas on the mall. Blandishments

Go in here someplace. How many balms

Will it take? Plastic crows to scare the

Pigeons straight making napalm from

Frozen orange juice concentrate to cheer

The censors. Powder in the shape of

A wet spot on finger tip makes bitter on

Swan tongue. Plastic swans to scare

The junkies back into grad school, citing

Scratch on the eightball, that and infinite regress.

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