It Came From Wednesday Night 13 Feb 2002 (with Charles Bernstein)

A Different Thing

Softology repeats (the) musiky tense weight

Crimes blends lenses (of) hope

Per birth climbing (per) earth (O Earth) reprove

There is (now) arc-animated chugging

And belief in (Law) with smeared or

Drives exault!

sliding (light) in dopey doves (O Mars)

denies tube / you better tubbed

Matter (no matter) that the plenties are

Set in the torqued renewal interests

Botticellian-bound half-hells

or lifelines gawked below surface

Anorexic in (the) blend and all that (I) would betray if I could but motor the flat like a twist / Not spongy or welded, instances (like) cork. You ask I (splinter). You fall when the cover quakes (and) I am left (O Chain) and auger melt.

(YES sponge. YES cork. We get up when we get up.

Natch stank but is getting sweeter. Total affirmation links.

Forget me yet?)

Remember (me) or never croissant this taste when I’m present.

Nothing is then left in the space where we sit. We as All, that is.

Total de-affirmation; total letting things cup their hands.

Charles Bernstein and the APG

13 February 2002.

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