It Came from Wednesday Night (3 Oct 2001)

no one claims the beer

not having the list. we spoke to our wrists and the satellites rained down small trivial trashy poems and paintings and it was a big olde tasty world. spell me. don't miss the premiere. relieve me, that's right, i referred to myself, of this task of naming every two words that occur to me.
the lattice structure of the lid. it's a grid. plot your points. you have possession.
to possess is the Dis Appearance... as the strange green eraser in the middle of my lang... the minstralsy of the day before yesterday, declaims that to be spelt is Very Sensitive,.... also everything we do is underlined by "someone" in red squiggly lines....
"teeny weeny" call out and rush. there are trains taking off dourly. how will you slay that? endpoint on a line that's three lines long and there are still lines to go you give up you turn to the downside west of here and mumble into the sunshine happy day simple sign out of service song in my heart sprang the phone at you and van gogh'd yr hearing aid. hair and spades. go hoe that garden later santa it aint yr time.
is it. negation. very serious, the construction of serious-faced auto-mends. locomotion is no kind of correct motion-as-personal-grounded-position.
not having the list __that's the whole prob
lem...like satellites raining down
the West Side of Here is that one
bar where we cd. perfrom where we're coming form
as if
the dour trains
were a confection of antiauthoring
ranting against the
authority of the tastee (the text) _world _(or frieze)
the taking out _of....
the spade hoe that sez
here is : ___the plastic age
of athens...

____buy me pancakes in the morning malla
____buy me pancakes in the even malla
____stand the sandwise of the launch oh malla
this. is when resemblances. scratch of notes that take me WHY DINT I WHY i'm so sad they tell me that i look sort of mad i spend my time increasingly flat bringing dinner to the wasteland which eats like a construction crew these days that txt.TV is open to insinuations but not results.
_no results! the lattice structure
no results .... and we _think
that's __pretty cool_ (—maybe

[written by ZD, MP & JL 7 years ago today]

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