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I cannot escape these characters. Their ways and what they mean,each letter of the alphabet is a thing,and they all have multiple personalities. A is a man in a suit,even and especially when he is lowercase. B is a young unused cheap garden rake,probably one you would use to learn how to use rakes with. C is a flounder,overcooked in a restaurant in some small midwestern county. It is mostly about its innate odor,the letter C. Its lowercase is a flight of stairs in an office building. D is an abstract concept. Its lowercase is a cumberbund. I don't know what B's lowercase is,if you were wondering.If you know,you tell me. E is a pack of chewing gum,and its lowercase is Antarctica.For each sound it makes it is different. For instance,when "e" is used in elephant,it is very much like the man in a suit,and when paired with the man in the suit, it is a piece of humming sheetrock. When "e" is used in "diet",it is a mirror. Now,"E",as in "Evil" qualifies the combination with a front heavy balance.It signifies nothing. F is a son of a bitch and its lowercase is a paper manufacturing plant. G is candlewax stuck in carpet. Its lowercase is the word "vile". H is a poet, its lowercase is a badger. I is an old tattered copy of Gone with the Wind,while its counterpart,"i", is a Buddhist tapestry. The letter I in both instance,follows the same set of peculiar inconsistancies as the letter "E" When "i" is used in "sight", it is a stalagtite,while in its usage of the word "sit","i" is a pair of shoes that Shirley Temple wore. J is a remote control and its lowercase is the concept of the word "Be". It is the same in German. K is confusingly the letter G. In its lowercase it becomes a pack of wild bathed maltese dogs rushing across a scottish moor. L is a toenail. Its lowercase is the word "and". M is the 50 yd line on a football field. No particular football field. Its lowercase is an astronomical unit. N is a painting by Paul Mccartney of The Beatles(not to be later confused with the lowercase of "z",which is a painting by John Mellencamp) The lowercase "n" is a boombox that belonged to Terence Trent Darby. O is a tornado and its lowercase is a trepanned skull. P is vomit. Its lowercase is subtle. Q is the constellation of Scorpio. In is smaller form,"q", is a type of weapon that has not yet been invented. R is the space between the legs of a chair on a table. Its lowercase is a sunflower in the south of france. S is a guilty thought. Its lowercase is two sacks of potatoes that Billy the Kid ate.T is a verb. "t" is a sound of teeth grinding. U is amnesia and its lowercase is a toilet cake in a club Johnny Depp owned.U follows no constant rule. One time, in 1980, it made an appearance as what is known as a "Beholder", a creature from a fantasy role playing game popular at the time with unnattractive pubescent boys. V is a dishwashing machine in a fastfood restaurant. Its lowercase is Anthony Perkins. W is the Louvre. It's lower case is boredom. X is,surprisingly, the letter X. Lowercase "x" is one of those useless seats in a movie theatre placed all the way to the front left corner. Y is a time travel machine,its lowercase is the fifth line of speech in Casablanca.Z is a tuning fork and i have inthe past indicated what the lowercase form of "z' is.I will set to translating everything i have written by these truths in the near future.Everything i write from now on will adhere to these rules. please print this page out and carry it with you and use it in your daily travels.

ThrowpoetmaninasuitpaintingbypaulmccartneyG Timetravelmachinetornadoamnesia


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