fsoot psalm print

Dear Bigfoot I acknowledge with humility your existence, and in doing so, I humbly fill myself with your guidance,and all my being is dedicated to doing what your will would deem necessary in relation to my single life,for I love all you do and all you have done. I express these things to you in an idea formed from my being. Sounds. Sounds that say how much I love you,Bigfoot. Your big hairy arms. Ooh nawsh sea mach sew clairitin. Calibrate sew mosh sand whilliffan. Chumble doth hairy my will for can. Oh Bigfoot, the fear of death ist truble for sum. Int talent sax a clear ring of trees. Oh giant matted furry beast that I love, hear and comunicate with me,understand that I give to what you say and do hear you, oh Bigfoot. I speak directly to you now as a person, Bigfoot. Trees leaves and grunts crackle feet and my boots fire skeletons and blood chirp worn paths hunt sleep and shit,oh Bigfoot. A sun bean guns for roots dug deep in there reads,the words,the scratches in the earth so walked upright it knuckle dragged the Bigfoot. It said things in heads and said, it went to between us and oh Bigfoot,let us be together through you,Oh Bigfoot.

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