It Came from Wednesday Night (9 Jan 2002)

[keep jesus in mind as a revengeful nerd]

keep jesus in mind _as_ a revengful nerd
_ as an icon and a tree
i don't Want to take a bath with jesus!!
_ he has _beggar's_lice ....
_ _ fear of folk _roots
uses bee wine to call hogs
the hot lathe makes my legs
whinny. Yew herd me. Jesus
stop tushing me. My
bush nipple gravy is a
cottage _ _ _ _ _for the spiked
sandpiper or a symptom of advance collywoggles
(not to be confused with goonywoobles)
between the avalanche lily and avast
we file as sentries into gloom (room)
where feeling all oak and iron bound is naught but hubris
and adding tongues is equated with biting the bark,
nervous after nervewhacking lacksmith tolstoyed,
bucking for a place in first position, linensmith.
from whence you came, stirring up churns, loin clothes
lobes and robes of couches of grass

—it's something that's not poemy—
___conjure—he practice vudon ...
sex_with starlets !!
___will destroy the world _she's being released
______ wire into the tongue and I-balls
_ one of the few _names
that has __ gliding action ___ bishop of so and so
___ jesus he no like church history
________ earlier ____with
Frog Clut, the main art commissar
under Stalin. He was short and
got no play. ____ A golden buck-ass
naked kitty _hikes
___________, buttinski, by a guy
who's a basal archasaur , not
nearly as catchy

on the chaparral with chess pie
no bottoms.
bust a hame string cheeze us.

and three did journey forth and three did naught rerun every nite at 7.
save us from bulldog gravy and his interminable chewfest.
stake me. i'm into invisible fucking but not so much fury (tell him to get lost).
joist us. white jeesuz doesnt like that. why white. why why.
there are good theodicies in this, hunch me sweetheart. color bland.
punching access is at least historical why wdnt there be.
i have no handfuls for your faith sucker. bite this lube. stroke my wanda.
take the shroud of flounders and make a three D clump (don't chunk it).
was there as cheese in this salad previously? i ask you Lard Randy? Apostle Steve?
How cool, slapping on the wrists is like whacking blands, those band members
blond like deli sandwiches.
What kind of creamery is this, in which we live? Totals and totals of blue lightning, son.
Very wooden, more and more of horrible laurels, on which we wrest.
Extremely intense: cactus of gifts. sidekick powers. touring the escapes.
playing the outlaws like tomcats, clans of clams wanted by the police.
A picture of everybody except anyone else I know.
As good as

[MP, ZD, JS, JL]

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