a poem for today

ixLL, seem sayer (s)or

beauty or sink, peeled, aircraft w a bravery face
or stilch, omer as yehj, imple to make n clean slo huys fel
beauty is to come rising up, jiu der tyu

creep lan orf er up, to stoned, mainly one hillock past
over tape gui wink to a maybe stand there
bagging is, to uyer flip; nary a wrok is then wort
bagging is, to leap ghiws, & then man, here ya breathe
intro is to conundrum as total bright flashes
nearly that says, restlaess as an unmold epi-ticket:
grow then ... klax in ru is to t is to flow in hi

[by Mark Prejsnar]

Bob Cobbing was born July 30, 1920

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